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NIR separator “Sterkh-N” for sorting
multicomponent polymer mixtures
by type.

SMF “Prodecologia”

is the leader in the CIS and Eastern Europe in the field of designing and manufacturing of equipment for:

- magnetic and electrostatic separation;
- metal detection;
- industrial water purification.

We design and manufacture

magnetic, eddy current, electrostatic separators
for extracting of metals from non-magnetic products
and separating the materials according
to their electrical properties.

We design and manufacture

triboelectric and electrostatic

separators for separating the materials

according to their electrical properties.

We design and manufacture

magnetic separators for dry and wet enrichment

and separation of metallic

and non-metallic materials.

We design and manufacture

metal detectors for detecting metallic impurities

(both ferrous and non-ferrous metals)

in the streams of non-metallic products.

We design and manufacture

magnetic mud clarifiers and

inertia-gravity filters

for industrial water purification.


- lines of guaranteed equipment protection;
- sorting and processing complexes;
- lines for cullet processing.
Design, manufacture, supply, installation, setting-up and commissioning, service are available
from the design to the product!

Separator of light fraction SLF

Intended use

It is intended for removal of films and dedusting of bulk products by air flow.

Principle of function

 The product is fed into a zigzag-shaped working channel where the upward airflow created by the fan transforms small particles, films and low density particles into suspended state.  These particles head along with air into a cyclone where they are settled into a light fraction receiver.
 The flow of air from the cyclone is sent to fine-purification filters where the remains of the light product fraction are removed and the air is cleaned of dust.
 Large product particles slide downward on the lateral sloping walls of the separator working channel, repeatedly cleaned by the air flow in each section and sent to the receiver of the heavy fraction.


Light fraction separator SLF is used:

  • for dedusting and removal of films from crushed PET bottles, PVC windows, cables, electronic wastes and mixtures of other plastics in the technologies of recycling of secondary raw materials;
  • for scavenging and removal of lamellar minerals in dry technologies of mineral processing, for dedusting of raw materials in the manufacture of building materials.

Сепаратор легкої фракції СЛФ для видалення плівок та знепилення сипких продуктів за допомогою повітряного потоку.

Crushed PET-flakes

The results of separation

The results of separation of crushed PET-flakesCrushed PET-flakes

The results of separation of crushed PET-flakes

The results of separation of crushed PET-flakes
PET, purity - up to 99,95% (PVC - 50ppm)
  Video of PET flakes separation