New opportunities in the recycling!

NIR separator “Sterkh-N” for sorting
multicomponent polymer mixtures
by type.

SMF “Prodecologia”

is the leader in the CIS and Eastern Europe in the field of designing and manufacturing of equipment for:

- magnetic and electrostatic separation;
- metal detection;
- industrial water purification.

We design and manufacture

magnetic, eddy current, electrostatic separators
for extracting of metals from non-magnetic products
and separating the materials according
to their electrical properties.

We design and manufacture

triboelectric and electrostatic

separators for separating the materials

according to their electrical properties.

We design and manufacture

magnetic separators for dry and wet enrichment

and separation of metallic

and non-metallic materials.

We design and manufacture

metal detectors for detecting metallic impurities

(both ferrous and non-ferrous metals)

in the streams of non-metallic products.

We design and manufacture

magnetic mud clarifiers and

inertia-gravity filters

for industrial water purification.


- lines of guaranteed equipment protection;
- sorting and processing complexes;
- lines for cullet processing.
Design, manufacture, supply, installation, setting-up and commissioning, service are available
from the design to the product!


Questionnaire for magnetic separators

We suggest you to fill the questionnaire for forming the most optimal technical and commercial proposition.

You can also download the questionnaire and fill in manually: Download

1. Characteristics of input material for separation
1.1. Name
1.2. Mineral* or material composition
(names of input materials and their mass percentage)
Name of the component  1

Mass percentage, %
Name of the component  2

Mass percentage, %
Name of the component 3

Mass percentage, %
Name of the component  4

Mass percentage, %
1.3. Name (s) of the useful component (s)
1.4. Particles sizes*
1.4.1. mm - %
1.4.2. mm - %
1.4.3. mm - %
1.4.4. 0,8-0,5 mm - %
1.4.5. 0,5-0,1 mm - %
1.4.6. less than 0,1 mm - %
1.5. Humidity, %
1.6. Bulk weight, t/m3
1.7. Temperature, 0С
1.8. Explosive material
1.8.1.   Yes
1.8.2.   No
1.8.3.   Clarification is necessary
1.9. Other (рН, аbrasivity, cohesive properties, etc.)
1.10. Additional information
2. Requirements to the products of separation
2.1. Purity of valuable product
(mass percentage of useful component), %
Not less
2.2. Extraction of useful component, % Not less
2.3. Expected yield of valuable product, %
2.4. Method of determining the mass percentage
of useful component in the product*
2.4.1. state (international) standard, №, date
2.4.2. standard of enterprise, №
2.4.3. clarification is necessary
3. Characteristics of ferromagnetic impurities
(filled if extraction of metal impurities is needed)
3.1. Name (bolt, screw, abrasion, etc.)
3.2. Origin
(natural, equipment deterioration, foreign items, etc.)
3.3. Dimensions, mm
3.4. Actual content of impurities in the material, mg/kg (%)
3.5. Acceptable content of impurities in the material, mg/kg (%)
3.6. Method of determining the mass percentage of impurities*
3.6.1. state (international) standard, №, date
3.6.2. standard of enterprise, №
3.6.3. clarification is necessary
4. Description of the process
4.1.  Capacity (max), t/h
4.2.  Place of installation
(production line, separate workshop etc.)
4.3. Maximum allowable concentration of dust in the air of the working area, mg/m3,
not more
4.4. Loading of product
(belt conveyor, screw conveyor, bucket elevators, etc.)
4.5. Belt-type conveyor:
4.5.1. width of the belt, mm
4.5.2. speed of the belt, m/s
4.5.3. dimensions of the layer of material, (height/width), mm
4.5.4. diameter of the drive drum, mm
4.6. Product pipeline (free run):
4.6.1. dimensions of product pipeline (free run)
4.6.2. angle of inclination, Dgr
4.6.3. drawing of the installation site*
4.7. Pipeline:
4.7.1. pipeline diameter (Dy), mm
4.7.2. pressure inside the pipeline, MPa, not more
4.8. drawing of the installation site*
4.9. Unloading of products
(product pipeline, screw conveyor, big-bags, etc.)
4.10. Possibility of product re-cleaning
4.11. Electric line voltage, V
4.12. Additional information
5. Characteristics of the operation conditions
5.1. Temperature of environment, 0С
5.2. Humidity of environment, %
5.3. Operation mode of equipment (one-; two- or three-shift)
5.4. Category of the production in terms of fire and explosion hazard (АТЕХ)

 *- data and information should be attached to the questionnaire. Also it is specified what percentage of harmful contaminants is, in what minerals  and state they are.
   In case of absence of the required data at the Customer, SMF “Prodecologia” organizes carrying out mineralogical, chemical or other  researches for determining composition and raw materials (including those relating to product explosivity) at the customer’s expense.
  In case of Customer refusal of carrying out these researches SMF "Prodecologia" performs only testings with materials according to the generally accepted methodologies on existing equipment.
  The customer is informed about the possibility of developing more efficient technology or equipment after the signing of relevant Agreement.

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