SMF “Prodecologia”

is the leader in the CIS and Eastern Europe in the field of designing and manufacturing of equipment for:

- magnetic and electrostatic separation;
- metal detection;
- industrial water purification.

We design and manufacture

magnetic, eddy current, electrostatic separators
for extracting of metals from non-magnetic products
and separating the materials according
to their electrical properties.

We design and manufacture

triboelectric and electrostatic

separators for separating the materials

according to their electrical properties.

We design and manufacture

magnetic separators for dry and wet enrichment

and separation of metallic

and non-metallic materials.

We design and manufacture

metal detectors for detecting metallic impurities

(both ferrous and non-ferrous metals)

in the streams of non-metallic products.

We design and manufacture

magnetic mud clarifiers and

inertia-gravity filters

for industrial water purification.


- lines of guaranteed equipment protection;
- sorting and processing complexes;
- lines for cullet processing.
Design, manufacture, supply, installation, setting-up and commissioning, service are available
from the design to the product!

Separation on triboelectric separator of mix of crushed plastics PE+PP, capacity up to 1000 kgph

This material is the example of separatoin of mix of crushed plastics (PE+PP) on triboelectric separator, capacity up to 1000 kgph.

Result of separation:
putity of PE - up to 97%.

Design features of the separator:
• capacity - up to 1000 kg/h;
• minimal loss of useful products with wastes, possibility of additional purification of the intermediate product (mix);
• individual adjustment of parameters of the process for specific material;
• use of components of leading world producers (Nord, SKF, FAG);
• manufacturing of separators taking into account necessary requirements of the customer;
• automated technological process.

• quick return on investments;
• dry separation process (without using of separating liquids);
• high purity of extracted products (> 98);
• low power consumption;
• low labor intensity, ease of maintenance and operation;
• absence of harmful effects on the environment.