SMF “Prodecologia”

is the leader in the CIS and Eastern Europe in the field of designing and manufacturing of equipment for:

- magnetic and electrostatic separation;
- metal detection;
- industrial water purification.

We design and manufacture

magnetic, eddy current, electrostatic separators
for extracting of metals from non-magnetic products
and separating the materials according
to their electrical properties.

We design and manufacture

triboelectric and electrostatic

separators for separating the materials

according to their electrical properties.

We design and manufacture

magnetic separators for dry and wet enrichment

and separation of metallic

and non-metallic materials.

We design and manufacture

metal detectors for detecting metallic impurities

(both ferrous and non-ferrous metals)

in the streams of non-metallic products.

We design and manufacture

magnetic mud clarifiers and

inertia-gravity filters

for industrial water purification.


- lines of guaranteed equipment protection;
- sorting and processing complexes;
- lines for cullet processing.
Design, manufacture, supply, installation, setting-up and commissioning, service are available
from the design to the product!

About us

Scientific and manufacturing firm "Prodecologia" was founded in July 1993. During its existence, the company has become a leader in the CIS and Eastern Europe in the field of designing and manufacturing of magnetic separators and metal detectors.

Design, manufacture and supply of "turnkey" complex lines for processing of cullet, and industrial solid waste, electron boards, scrap electronics, etc. is the new direction of the company.

The production of the firm is delivered to 41 countries of the world, to the companies of 58 specialized branches and sub-sectors for the purpose of:

  • enrichment of metallic and non-metallic materials;
  • separation of  metallurgical production slags, waste of diamond production and household waste;
  • preventing of metallic impurities contact with food products during the production process;
  • protection technological equipment from damage;
  • enhancing of porcelain whiteness;
  • improving the quality of tires, chipboard, cement, refractories, glass;
  • industrial water purification.

High experienced in the production in conjunction with a focus on advanced global engineering technology and manufacturing of magnets, availability of our company with modern equipment, the use of components of the world leading manufacturers enables the production of reliable, high-quality, highly productive, efficient, energy-saving product that is simple in design and operation.

Unique scientific developments of the company, a high level of engineering and design, co-operation with research institutes, including:

  • Krivy Rig Technical University (KTU) (Krivy Rig, Ukraine);
  • Ukrainian Scientific-Research Institute of oil and fat (Kharkiv, Ukraine);
  • All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Mineral Resources after N. Fedorovsky (VIMS) (Moscow, Russia);
  • Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (MISiS) (Moscow, Russia);
  • State Scientific-Research and Design Institute of Rare Metals (GIREDMET) (Moscow, Russia);
  • Oriental Scientific-Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy of non-ferrous metals (VNIITSVETMET) (Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan);
  • Kazakhstan leading institute for designing of non-ferrous metallurgy (KAZGIPROTSVETMET) (Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan);
  • Chemical and Metallurgical Institute after J. Abishev (Karaganda, Kazakhstan)
    provide an opportunity to compete with international manufacturers of similar equipment.

SMF "Prodecologia":

On state of 2018 the company received 100 patents for inventions and utility models in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Poland.
In 2007  a certificate of scientific discovery is received.
The company is licensed to design, construction, installation and commissioning.

The main directions of activities of SMF "Prodecologia":

  • design, manufacture, modernization and repairing of magnetic, electrical separators and filters;
  • design, manufacture and service of metal detectors;
  • design and manufacture of magnetic mud clarifiers;
  • contract supervision, installation and commissioning of equipment supplied by the company;
  • packaging arrangement of laboratories with equipment for content analysis of ferro-impurities in products;
  • supplying of spare parts, magnetic blocks and magnets for all types of separators;
  • engineering services, including design of lines for processing of cullet, electronic boards, municipal solid waste, scrap of electronic equipment;
  • design and manufacture of non-standard equipment.